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Rotogravure Printing

One of the services we offer at Aquada is our specialised plastic bag printing. Excellent print quality along with cost-effective production is what gravure presses from Aquada Development Corporation stand for.
And that includes running at maximum speeds with quick make-ready times. All of our machinery is focused on interconnectivity, efficiency, productivity, and profitability so that your production can run smoothly.

Our gravure presses have been designed to take on demanding flexible packaging print jobs and are compatible with any rotogravure cylinder.
This process creates an image by engraving a negative of the image being printed onto a gravure cylinder, which is then coated with ink and transferred to the substrate or plastic roll using pressure.

The gravure cylinder collects ink from an ink fountain before a doctor blade removes excess ink from the non-image areas to ensure that only the engraved image areas contain ink. The substrate is then passed between the gravure cylinder and an impression cylinder to transfer the ink or the image from the gravure cylinder to the plastic roll.

With our gravure printing process, we can satisfy your business needs by producing high-quality printed branded nylons that can be used for packaging any kind of product with your business branding.

It can produce any 4 colour print design simultaneously and at a very fast rate ensuring that there is no downtime for your business when it comes to having stock of branded packaging. All you need is a steel cylinder with your engraved image design. Depending on your printing needs,

When you think of the need to brand your products with any kind of printed packaging, we have everything you need and we’ve got you covered. Some examples of printed packaging using the gravure process can be found below.