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Aquada Premium Stone-free Beans

Aquada Premium stone-free beans is clean and machine-picked. It is 100% free from debris, highly nutritious, and suitable for all age grades.

Aquada Food Barn offers you the best stone-free beans ever, it reliefs you from stress. There is no trace of stone in Aquada stone-free beans. Aquada Development Corporation prides itself in undertaking healthy steps for processing our stone-free beans.

We save you from the stress of having to select your beans. Just buy any variant of Aquada Premium stone-free beans; open the bag; pour into a pot with water and to your taste. Yes, It is that easy! Bye to the days of hassles involving cooking beans. Get our stone-free beans today and have an awesome experience with your bean's cooking process. Available in 1kg, 20kg cartons (1kg X20), and 50kg variants.

Health benefits: Cowpeas are not only versatile and delicious but also important for human health, offering several benefits. They may help improve digestion, aid in sleep disorders, manage diabetes, and protect the heart. They also detoxify the body, promote healthy skin, aid in weight loss, and improve blood circulation.

What you will get from our stone-free beans:

Stone Free

Dirt Free

Clean and Pure

100% Natural

And Non-Genetically Modified