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Aquada Premium Garri Flour

Aquada Premium Garri Flour is an instant swallow fortified with Vitamin A for good vision and is also rich in fiber to aid weight management. Our garri flour is fast and easy to prepare.


1. Our garri flour is prepared with boiled water and is not prepared/stirred on fire

2. Our garri flour does not stick on the bowl, so no messy pot to worry about.

So smooth to swallow and light in the body due to its low carbohydrate content. It Is a swallow like no other.

No need to pound, so smooth to swallow.

It is 100% organic.

It is Dry.

It is Sandless.

It is hyper-fine.

It is a good source of energy.

Available in 1kg, 20kg carton (1kg X20) and 50kg variants.